Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Our PAL Nintendo 3DS system finally showed up today after being stuck in courier hell for the past 3 weeks. We took the time and tested all North American 3DS games on it to confirm if any are region free or not.

Well, seems the reports we read about the region free option being left to the publishers discretion were either inaccurate or they just all decided not to use the option. We can confirm ALL North American 3DS games are NOT region free.

We will continue to test all future North American 3DS games on our PAL console. If at any point a miracle happens and one is region free we'll post the miraculous results here.


  1. It's been clearly stated by Nintendo that all 3DS games are region locked...

  2. What a shame!! Hoping some of the reports we heard that they left it to the publishers discretion would be true. In today's day an age why worry about region free? Why not worry about the mad piracy going on with DS and Wii.

  3. I travel between Canada and England alot, this news sucks. At the end of the day if i want to buy a game for my system i shouldnt have to worry if my system came from the same region as the game im picking up.

  4. We couldn't agree more especially since all previous Nintendo handhelds were region free. We havn't heard if the new Sony NGP will be region free but we expect it to be. Fingers crossed.

  5. im from europe and my dsi/ds is from europe but my games are 90% from north america...2% from japan and 3% from europe....

    will i gain more on buying an american 3ds?? and what do i need to know then?

    ps. games i play are usually weird atlus etc that never reach europe

    what should i do?

  6. Well, unfortunately we all know the 3DS doesn't look to be region free at all. Looks like you have a decision to make on what region you want your 3DS to be. It looks like from your DS/DSi you buy more North American games and we all know that alot of games either come out early here or don't come out in Europe at all. We can't tell you which way to go but just look at prices, game selection and your personal needs and make the decision. PS. We have shiny new North American 3DS systems in stock. Wink

  7. Is an adapter needed or can the old dsi charger work and so on?

    Cause its not much leaning towards buying a machine in europe if all games i wanna have will never reach here...

  8. DSi one will work for you

  9. Just wondering though, what about :

    - Japanese console playing US/EU games, I'm asking this because of the release of Kingdom Hearts DDD in english

    - Malaysian console has been rumored to be region free, though i highly doubt this