Thursday, February 23, 2006

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Preorder Now

Final Fantasy Vll (7) Advent Children - PSP UMD (Preorder)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - DVD (Preorder)Finally announced for the North American Market
Final Fantasy Vll : Advent Children - PSP UMD and
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - DVD
will now be coming out April 21st, 2006. If your as big of a Final Fantasy
7 Fan as I am this is a must own. We are now taking pre-orders. All pre-orders should be made by March 15th, 2006 to make sure you get one in the first shipment. Our suppliers have told us that this title will be limited on release so don't miss the boat.

Super Princess Peach Next Week!

Super Princess Peach
Super Princess Peach - DS is coming out on February 28th. In this twist you take control of the princess and get to adventure Mario platform style with cool new DS features that take advantage of emotions peach is feeling via the Touch Screen. If you haven't pre-ordered don't forget to order this weekend so you can get to playing it soon. For our UK import friends this title will not be out until May 2006 so don't delay.

New Arrivals This Week

Well another week and yes more games. For Gundam fans MS Saga: A New Dawn - PS2 , Sonic Fans get a load out of Sonic Riders - PS2, Sonic Riders - XBOX, Sonic Riders - GC.

Boxing fans were made happy this week with the release of Fight Night Round 3 For PS2, XB, XB360 and the PSP. Rounding out the bunch are : Yu-Gi-Oh! Double Pack - GBA, Exit - PSP, Toca Race Driver 3 - PS2, and Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll - DS.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fight Night Not Region Free :(

Sad News Everyone, We just got in Fight Night Round 3 for the Xbox 360 and have tested it on our PAL Xbox 360 and can 100% confirm that is does not work on a PAL XB360. We all hoped it would work but considering every other EA Title so far wasn't region free our hopes were slim. All xbox 360 owners with a NTSC-USA system can enjoy the excellent boxing title though.

Full Auto Confirmed region free

Good News!! Another recent XBOX 360 title has been confirmed region free Full Auto - 360 and there is no doubt about it as we have confirmed it ourselves. Check back here later today and we'll let you know if Fight Night Round 3 is region free. How do we do this you ask? Simple, to serve our XBOX 360 customers better we have purchased a PAL XBOX 360 system to test all future games for region free capability. So, when you want to know if a game is region free the day it's released just check out our blog right here and you'll have the answer. Hopefully all you XBOX 360 owners find this to be a valuable service!!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Metroid Prime Hunters To Feature Voicechat

Metroid Prime Hunters - DS (Preorder)

Nintendo today revealed that Metroid Prime Hunters , the Wi-Fi enabled Nintendo DS first-person shooter hitting the system on March 20th, will be the first game in the Nintendo DS library to support voice chatting over the internet.

Players will be able to chat with players via the built-in microphone on the Nintendo DS before and after a match-up. Players can converse with anyone on their friend's list established through Friend Codes by clicking on the Chat icon in the game's lobby system.

Metroid Prime Hunters will support up to four player death matches over Nintendo's free Wi-Fi Connection service.

DS Owners don't forget to preorder this awesome addition to the already great DS Lineup. This title will not be hitting Europe till May 5th so it's unquestionably worth the import.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Arrivals This Week

After weeks of waiting the awesome RPG Tales of Legendia - PS2 is finally instock. Also the world famous soccer series World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 is now instock for PS2, XBOX and PSP. Undead Evil hits the Nintendo DS with Resident Evil: Deadly Silence . The Rub Rabbits! - DS hits the DS just for Valentines Day. Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX - PSP is also out, finally another Classic 2-d Fighter on the PSP.

Some Unique titles also graced our store shelves this week, the original Chibi Robo - GC and Drill Dozer - GBA are fine examples of cool new ideas from the house of Mario. Also rounding out the block this week are, Arena Football - XBOX, Arena Football - PS2, Sudoku Fever - GBA and Bode Miller Skiing - PS2.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Magna Carta Back in Stock Today!!

We are receiving a restock shipment of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (Deluxe Box Set) - PS2 today all backorders will be filled and shipped. A limited amount of inventory is available for sale as you read this.

The week that was..New Release re-cap from last week

Last week was very slow for new releases with only 3 titles being released and one was across multiple platforms. The top seller out of the 3 was Mega Man Maverick Hunter X - PSP , also released was Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop - DS , and Curious George - GBA , Curious George - GC , Curious George - PS2 , Curious George - XBOX.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

360 20gb Hard drives back in stock again!!!

We have just received another re-stock shipment of Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20GB) - 360 today, as usual quantities are limited.

Survival Horror now at a budget price....

One of our all time best selling gamecube games has price dropped. Capcom officially announced effective immediately that Resident Evil 4 - GC now carries a $29.99 retail price. If you own a gamecube and never purchased this title first slap yourself silly than do yourself a favour and buy one at this new rock bottom price. No gamecube owner should be without this game in their collection period!!!!!!!!! Since we're on the Resident Evil topic don't forget about Resident Evil: Deadly Silence - DS (Preorder) which has had its release date bumped up to Febuary 7th.