Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Over G Fighters Region Free!!

Well another Xbox 360 game has come out (Thank god its been very slow for releases this month) and there is good news Over G Fighters - 360 is Region Free. We have tried it on our PAL XBOX 360 system and can confirm it is 100% region free. Take to the Skies!!!

Get Twisted!!! For Cheaper!

If you don't think your mind is Twisted enough, let Wario help you out.

We have Wario Ware: Twisted! - GBA as our DEAL OF THE DAY while supplies last for $29.99CAN.

So act like an orange and peel your way to this awesome game. Err... sorry got twisted myself.

New Games For The Week Ending June 30th

Well another week and yup more games.

Arrrrrr you ready for Pirates? Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans' Chest - GBA, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans' Chest - DS and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans' Chest - PSP have now landed. Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow - PS2 (Preorder) is due out on Friday.

Get out your Magnifying glasses out and lets get racing!! Micro Machines V4 - PS2 and Micro Machines V4 - PSP are now hitting your desk... literally.

Take to the skies with Over G Fighters - 360 for the Xbox 360.

Get your brain into gear with Sudoku-Mania - DS and Sudoku Gridmaster - DS.

Other notable games released this week are : Crusty Demons Freestyle Moto-X - XBOX and World Tour Soccer 06 - PSP.

Friday, June 23, 2006

XBOX 360 Premium Systems Rev'd Up For The Weekend

This weekend only while supplies last we're throwing in a FREE game when you order an XBOX 360 Premium Pack With Free Ridge Racer 6 (Limit 1 Per Customer) - 360 . This is on top of the fact we're already selling systems at $479.99 which is $20 below the suggested Canadian retail price of $499.99. If you've been contemplating buying an XBOX 360 there is no better time than this weekend. So start your engines and get ordering the XBOX 360 Ridge Racer Bundle before someone crosses the finish line before you and we sell out!!!

Lost and Found: Found MK Deception GC & Gradius 5 PS2

We've located a small quantity of these 2 great titles: Gradius V - PS2 at an all new low price of $29.99 and Mortal Kombat Deception - GC at $39.99. Look for more announcements soon as our buyers continue to hunt down those rare and hard to find titles.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wild Wild West.... Alter Code F! Back in Stock! Limited!!!

Well we have done it again.. We have managed to get another hard to find title and got it back in stock while quantities last.

Wild Arms: Alter Code F - PS2 is now back in stock and Still includes the Bonus DVD! It gets better now its only $39.99CAN!

Don't miss this chance to grab this RPG before it's too late.

New Games For Week Ending June 23rd

Well another week and still more games.

Take to the field and Boss People around is the way you play this game in the new strategy sports sim NFL Head Coach - PS2 and NFL Head Coach - XBOX.

PSP has seen some light with a few releases this week. The RPG fans get The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch - PSP and The Sexy Adventurer goes portable with Tomb Raider: Legend - PSP.

Reve those engines and go online with Moto GP 4 - PS2 finally hitting the streets.

The Nintendo DS saw a few titles released this week, Break 'Em All - DS and Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi: Genie and the Amp - DS. We also got in Nintendo DS Lite Stylus 2 Pack (Nintendo) - DS incase you have butterfingers...

Hit the Diamond with Major League Baseball 2K6 - GC.

We also managed to get some hard to find PSX games back in stock Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix - PSX (Greatest Hits), and Breath of Fire IV - PSX.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Games Just In and Shipping!

We just got some new releases in and all preorders are shipping. These titles are instock and ready to ship.

These Titles Just in! :
Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel - PSP UMD, Point Blank - DS, Urban Chaos Riot Response - XBOX, Urban Chaos Riot Response - PS2, Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar - GBA, Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar - GBA, and Street Fighter Alpha Anthology - PS2.

Take That! Phoenix Wright Back in Court!

The man with law on his side is back in court. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - DS is now back in stock while supplies last.

With the release of the DS lite now in stores its a great chance to grab this title before its gone once and for all.

Let there be Lite!

All preorders are filled and now we have more Nintendo DS Lite systems instock. This is a great chance to get a early jump on the hottest handheld system on the market.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moto GP 2006 Riding Free

Just letting everyone know we have tested out this latest Xbox 360 title Moto GP 2006 - 360 on our PAL xbox 360 and can confirm its 100% region free. So get those motors running!!

New This Week and Last!

So far not many games this week although some will be shipping tomorrow.
Moto GP 2006 - 360 is now instock and shipping, as well as Armored Core: Last Raven - PS2.

Nintendo DS had a few more games to challenge the mind with Big Brain Academy - DS, Magnetica - DS, and Dino Master: Dig, Discover, Duel - DS.

Disney and Pixar Drove Cars - PSP, Cars - XBOX, Cars - GC, Cars - PS2 into stores.

PSP had a slew of games with the RPG, Astonishia Story - PSP and the shooter Gradius Collection - PSP, and Race Driver 2006 - PSP.

Take to the Steethoops with And 1 Streetball - XBOX, And 1 Streetball - PS2, or to the baseball diamond with MLB Slugfest 2006 - XBOX, MLB Slugfest 2006 - PS2.

Don't have a PSP and wanna visit Libery City? No Problemo with Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PS2 now available.

Grab all your chips and go all in with Stacked - XBOX, Stacked - PS2.

Rounding out the pack are a few releases such as :
Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure - GBA, Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords and More! - PS2, Puzzle Challenge: Crosswords and More! - PSP, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Double Pack - GBA.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Grand Prize Wii-nner is .....

Well the contest has now come to a close and we would like to thank everyone that preordered and ordered The New Super Mario Bros - DS.

Without further ado..... (Drum Roll Please....)

Congratulations to :
Nelson Lopez
From Canada
He is the second lucky winner of a Nintendo Wii. He now joins Georgina Hind from the United Kingdom as our Grand Prize Wii Winners.
Who will win our next contest? What will our next contest be? Stay Tuned to