Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Make Money Worldwide

We have just tested Hitman: Blood Money - 360 on our PAL XBOX 360 and can confirm it is 100% Region Free. So shave your head bald and lets do some killing :)

New Titles This Week and Last

Well there has been a few games trickling out under the sun this spring, and some are really hot!

Earn some summer money the dirty way in Hitman: Blood Money - 360, Hitman: Blood Money - XBOX, Hitman: Blood Money - PS2 which just came in today.

Last Week saw some great PSP releases with Lemmings - PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom - PSP, and Field Commander - PSP.

Jump into your mech and grab your harmonica Steambot Chronicles (with BONUS) - PS2 is out!

Others rounding out the bunch are : Rogue Trooper - PS2, Rogue Trooper - XBOX, Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift - PS2, Rockstar Games Table Tennis - 360, Jaws Unleashed - XBOX, Jaws Unleashed - PS2, Teen Titans - PS2, Teen Titans - GC.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Table Tennis Anyone???

We can confirm Rockstar Games Table Tennis - 360 is region free. What's next in the series??? Air Hockey?? Foosball??? Badminton?? Lawn Bowling?? Let us know by answering the poll on our home page.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mario dances back in stock

We have just received a small restock shipment of Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Bundle Pack - GC. This Mario DDR game has been sold out since before last Christmas, don't miss your chance to get your groove on with the main plumber himself!!!

Skies makes it's final appearance

We have just received a restock shipment of Skies of Arcadia - GC which looks like will be our last one as the game is officially out of print. Even with the Wii on the horizon you can't go wrong adding this great RPG to your current gamecube library. Some games are just worth collecting and this is defeinately one of them!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite Preorders Now Open

Nintendo DS Lite Preorders are Now Open. You can preorder now by clicking below to bring you to the preorder.

Please note that this item will only be shipped via DHL express and shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

New Titles Now Players Choice

Nintendo has now released some new great games for the Nintendo Gamecube as players choice titles. Paper Mario 2 : The Thousand-Year Door (Player's Choice) - GC , Star Fox Assault (Player's Choice) - GC, Pikmin 2 (Player's Choice) - GC, and Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (Player's Choice) - GC now for the low price of $29.99CAN Each.

This is a great chance to play some great games at a great price.

And the winners are.....

Announcing the Second and Third Place winners of the New Super Mario Bros Contest.

Second Place ( Free DS Game of Your Choice)
Hans-Christian Meier (Germany)

Third Place (3 Winners get free upgrade to DHL Shipping)

Michael Ault (United Kingdom)
Per-Olof Backlund (Sweden)
Paul Woodley (United Kingdom)

Congratulations to all the winners, but don't fret the grand prize is still to come and will be announced on June 1st. If you have not ordered the New Super Mario Bros you can still be entered in the draw to win a Nintendo Wii. All second and third place winners don't be sad we're throwing your names back in for the main draw as well :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite? Nintendo Wii? Playstation 3?

We have received a lot of emails regarding requests to pre-order these great consoles and we are aware that there is a huge amount of interest in them all.

Nintendo DS Lite preorders should be up very soon we are just awaiting pricing confirmation and hopefully they will be up by this weekend (fingers crossed)

Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 will be put up at a later date although sections for these consoles may be opening up very soon. We will probably be starting a mailing list for these consoles so that all customers interested in preordering can be notified. Please keep checking the news blog for further details.

- Sidney (Customer Service Wiipresentative)

Mutants are not Region Coded!

It's official we have tested it out on our PAL XB360 and can confirm that X-Men: The Official Game - 360 is 100% region free.

New Games This Week - New Super Mario Bros Now Shipping!!!

New Super Mario Bros - DS is now in and preorders have begun to be shipped out. 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be announced tomorrow on the Blog so stay tuned. If you have not ordered yet you still have a chance to be entered into the grand prize draw for a Nintendo Wii.

Also now in stock this week are : The Da Vinci Code - PS2, The Da Vinci Code - XBOX, X-Men: The Official Game - PS2, X-Men: The Official Game - GC, X-Men: The Official Game - XBOX,
X-Men: The Official Game - 360, X-Men: The Official Game - GBA, X-Men: The Official Game - DS.

E3 is now over back to gaming!

The gaming scene wasn't that crazy as companies were prepping for last weeks E3 Event in LA.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft along with tons of great third party companies such as Capcom and Konami showed off some great stuff.

Some titles did manage to squeak out to stores though....
NBA Ballers: Rebound - PSP, Over the Hedge - DS, Over the Hedge - GBA, Over the Hedge - XBOX, Over the Hedge - GC, Over the Hedge - PS2.