Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Titles This Week and Last

Well there has been a few games trickling out under the sun this spring, and some are really hot!

Earn some summer money the dirty way in Hitman: Blood Money - 360, Hitman: Blood Money - XBOX, Hitman: Blood Money - PS2 which just came in today.

Last Week saw some great PSP releases with Lemmings - PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom - PSP, and Field Commander - PSP.

Jump into your mech and grab your harmonica Steambot Chronicles (with BONUS) - PS2 is out!

Others rounding out the bunch are : Rogue Trooper - PS2, Rogue Trooper - XBOX, Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift - PS2, Rockstar Games Table Tennis - 360, Jaws Unleashed - XBOX, Jaws Unleashed - PS2, Teen Titans - PS2, Teen Titans - GC.

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