Friday, April 01, 2011


Great News!! We've tried using 3D glasses while playing our 3DS system in the office and wow does it ever enhance the image quality. It actually looks and feels like the images are now popping off the screen toward you, just like when you go to a theatre and watch a 3D movie.

We're suprised this has not been tried before or even reported by Nintendo themselves as this seems to add an extra dimension to the 3DS gaming expereince. We've contacted Nintendo for clarification on this hidden feature and sent this information to all gaming news websites. It won't be long until you read about this everywhere but remember we here at VGP were first to break the news!!

Viewing Tip: To get the true 3D experience, we have found setting the 3D image output to medium on the 3DS system slider is the best setting while using the 3D glasses.

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