Monday, October 04, 2010

Panasonic Entering The Console Business Again!! Say What??

Seems the folks at Panasonic of ill-fated 3DO console fame have been working on a new handheld video game console dubbed “The Jungle”. The system is designed solely around the concept of taking MMORPGs with you everywhere you go. Features include: A super high resolution display, mini HDMI port, micro USB port, a full QWERTY keyboard , 3.5mm headphone jack and possibly some sort of touch sensitive d-pad. Along with the system Panasonic will be launching a Battlestar Galactica title. With the new Nintendo 3DS on the horizon and rumours of a new PSP 2 in development seems Panasonic will have to push all the right buttons to help “The Jungle” avoid the same fate as their previous console the 3DO suffered.

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