Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear Redflagdeals members,
I posted a reply on the forums which I didn’t think was the proper place to answer customer inquiries but since a member asked for someone from VGP to shed some light on this ongoing situation regarding our new sale games possibly being used I thought it was best too. I thought I would answer your concerns here as well in case my reply was lost in all the posts. We sell used and new product but any product we put on sale on our newsletters are all brand new unless stated otherwise. If you have purchased from our stores and have received a copy with the contents outside than yes in fact that would be our last copy. This is a measure just like other retailers use to prevent shoplifting. If our stores have another copy in the stock room you will receive the sealed one. All our Super Street Fighter 4, Demons Souls and all other games we sell for $19.99 on sale or in our bargain bins come from legitimate suppliers and are brand new. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of both titles at the new sale prices. It would be hard to have that many used rewrapped copies but if anyone has concerns with the game they received please return the item to one of our stores or website and we will replace it. We have been in business selling videogames for almost 20 years now and there is absolutely no need for us to sell used games as new. Unfortunately, in today’s big box market consumers sometimes don't trust independent companies like us. They can't believe we can have lower prices than the big stores and look for ridiculous reasons to justify our prices. It’s a shame as we have been selling videogames in Canada before Wal-Mart, Game Stop and Best Buy ever existed here. We are just trying to stay competitive in today's tough retail market place by leveraging our almost 20 years of buying power to secure special deals and pass the savings along to our customers. We are a completely trustworthy 100% Canadian owned company which 1000’s of customers worldwide can attest too and stand behind every sale we make. I hope this helps but if you still have concerns please contact our customer service department through email or by calling our North American toll free number 866-975-PLUS (7587) between Mon-Fri from 10am to 3pm Eastern Time as those would be more appropriate places to answer any of your questions. Sincerely,
Steve Fiocco

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