Friday, April 09, 2010


GOOD NEWS!! We have begun shipping all preorders for Splinter Cell Conviction - 360 [Ghost Recon Future Solider VIP Beta Access Incl.] (Preorder) and Splinter Cell: Conviction Collector's Edition - 360 [Ghost Recon Future Solidier VIP Beta Access Incl.](Preorder) that are currently in our system. This is to try and have customers receive game on or as close too street date as possible. Shipping will be based on delivery times. If your order usually takes longer than a day to arrive it will be shipped today. This is so we don't break any street date policy on this title. In store pre-order pickups will be available on Sunday May, 13th, 2010 which is the official street date for this title. NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS PICKUP POLICY!!! We can't accept any further cancellations on these pre-orders. Thanks to all who pre-ordered this title with us!

For our PAL XBOX 360 users both of these titles are Region Free!

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