Monday, April 19, 2010


We are informing our customers of the situation in Europe due to the Volcanic Ash and the impact on mail transit. We have been notified that as of Thursday April 15th all International Mail shipments have been placed on hold until airspace has been cleared. International Mail is still being accepted / processed by our shipping companies and will be released once Airspace has been cleared.

As of now airspace closures have been announced in the U.K. , Ireland, Sweden, Norway , Belgium, Denmark, France , the Netherlands and northern Finland. Some flights have also been canceled in Switzerland. More countries are expected to be delayed as the volcanic ash moves across Europe. Our shipping companies are monitoring the situation closely for us. We will update the latest news as it becomes available on our blog. *** We ask all our international customers who are waiting for orders to arrive or any international customer now ordering to please be patient as delivery times will be much longer than usual.*** Canadian and US Shipments are not effected by this delay.

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