Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Seems rumours are circulating the web that Nintendo is about to announce a redesigned 3DS system featuring twin analogue sticks and a decreased emphasis on 3D.

Nintendo may also be considering a name change and currently working on an additional device that would be sold seperately and attach to older 3DS models.

While still rumours French website 01net who broke several Wii U and Vita stories says it has received the news from an unnamed source who works within Nintendo.

You can read more about this story at CVG


  1. Nintendo wouldnt risk making a new handheld this early. What they need right now is games for this current handheld. Good games not bad games that dont sell, they cant afford to put those type of games on right now they need to get people to buy the system.

    I havent got one yet and I dont really plan on getting one until maybe it has some signs of improving in the next year or so I am getting a Vita though. I doubt Sony would make the same mistake as Nintendo.

  2. Yeah we would be shocked aswell if they release another model so soon. It would make even less sense at the moment considering you just dropped the retail price of the current model. If they announce a new model now they would instantly kill any momentum the current model has. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.

  3. Are you selling Shin Megami Tensei for the 3DS today?

  4. Yes we will have a few pieces today at our Wilson location. Our Mississauga store should have tomorrow.

  5. I higly doubt a new 3ds version so fast. I also doubt vita will have a good line up of games. No console has several good games at release date and thats just how it works.
    It takes around 2 years for a game console of any kind to get a decent library of games.
    For me the psp didnt deilver a single game i wanted (except id love to get persona 2 right now - but vita not being backcompatiable makes that tricky...)
    So for me vita has a lot to live up to GAMEwise.