Wednesday, June 01, 2011


It seems theres a new leak of gaming info everyday now. We're not even sure if the new Sony handheld will be called "VITA". However, here is the latest leaked info. The following list are supposedly the official launch titles for whatever Sony's new handheld will be called.

– Uncharted NGP
– Little Deviants
– Call of Duty
– Lumines NGP
– Sonic Generations
– Mortal Kombat
– LEGO Harry Potter (5-7 years)
– Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
– Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
– F1 2011
– Hot Shot Golf Next
– FIFA 12
– Wipeout

Again, we're hoping this list is accurate as the lineup looks like it should satisfy most gamers.

Source PSPgWeber

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