Tuesday, May 31, 2011


To celebrate the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg and the start of the Stanley Cup Finals we have put NHL 11 - PS3 (SALE ONLINE ONLY) (1 PER CUSTOMER) (In stock usually ships within 24hrs) on sale for only $39.99.

That's $20 off our regular price of $59.99 and $30 off some of our competitors regular prices of $69.99. Limited Quanties Available! 1 Per Customer!

Congratulations to the city of Winnipeg!! Good luck to both the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins in the finals!!


  1. As a Canadian retailer, you should only wish Vancouver good luck. Boston can care of themselves.

  2. Seriously, it's NHL hockey we're not at war with the USA. We have our favourite team and it's Canadian but we're also fans of the game. Did you know Boston has 17 Canadians players on their team just as many as Vancouver does. We're proud to be a 20 yr old Canadian owned and operated company but we sell games to gamers worldwide and we don't think wishing both teams good luck is an issue.