Friday, March 11, 2011


The following titles have begun shipping ahead of their official street dates of Tuesday Mar 15, 2011. This is too have customer receive games on or as close to street date as possible.

Homefront - 360 (Region Free) (Preorder)

Homefront - PS3 (Preorder)

Gods Eater Burst - PSP (Preorder)

Yakuza 4 - PS3 (Preorder)

Fit in Six - Wii (Preorder)

Fit in Six [MOVE Compatible] - PS3 (Preorder)

Dance on Broadway [MOVE hardware Required] - PS3 (Preorder)

Shogun 2: Total War Limited Edition - PC (Preorder)

Street date shipping policy in effect (If your parcel usually takes 2 or more business days to arrive from us your order will ship today. If your parcel only takes 1 business day to arrive from us it will ship on Monday)

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