Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Announced! Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - 3DS

Pre-Orders Now Open! Available April 16th, 2013

Never before released in North America, this long-awaited entry in the acclaimed Devil Summoner series takes players into a future in which technology and otherworldly forces meet in a macabre fusion of cyberpunk futurism and gothic horror. A first-person sci-fi RPG epic, Soul Hackers tells of a city held up as a beacon of humanity's triumph of technology, but with an infernal secret. In this would-be utopia, a group of hackers takes on a centuries-old mystic society, and a battle for control over humanity’s fate is about to begin...
  • A FIRST-PERSON CYBERPUNK RPG EPIC FOR NINTENDO 3DS In a society originated from a bizarre marriage of technology and demon-ology, an unleashed evil—borne of an inconvenient truth—threatens to bring an end not just to the deceptive harmony, but to mankind itself.
    Improved graphics marry with extensive voice acting, a host of technical enhancements, and 3D dungeon exploration to make Soul Hackers a natural fit to the Nintendo 3DS.
  • ONLY A MASTER OF BOTH DEMON AND TECH CAN TRIUMPH Portable COMP units allow players to tap into the tech-heavy world and can be upgraded to offer new features and abilities. In tandem with tech, demons can be recruited (through negotiation), leveled, and even fused, giving the player new summoning potential in battle.

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