Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Street Fighter x Tekken Special Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360 Pre-orders Now Open!

Street Fighter x Tekken Special Edition Contains:
  • Street Fighter X Tekken Game
  • Special Edition art work
  • Prequel Comic book created by UDON Comics
  • Build-it-Yourself Arcade Bank (5"H): An easy to assemble model kit with decals that represents old-school arcade cabinets. Store your quarters (and more) for your next challenger.
  • 36 GEM Power-Ups: Includes the WORLD WARRIOR, IRON CURTAIN, LIGHTNING LEGS and Special Edition Exclusive KING OF IRON FIST GEM packs for a total of 36 to customize your playing style.


  1. This is so great!!! I'd love to buy that, unfortunately I'm unsure about the custom duties about that :S

  2. We make our parcels as custom friendly as possible :)