Monday, July 18, 2011


We just wanted to give a status update to all customers who have pre-ordered either version of Catherine PS3/360 with us. This title has become one of our best selling pre-orders of all time. We are expecting to receive the game early next week and all pre-orders on the regular and deluxe editions look to be filled 100%.

Due to the large amount of pre-orders on this title it is necessary for us to begin the final pre-order processing stage tomorrow. This will help us avoid any delays in shipping orders once we receive the product.

Please Note: Today will be the last day for us to accept any pre-order cancellations on Catherine.

We want to thank everyone who pre-ordered any version of this highly anticipated title with us. Your business is very much appreciated! If you have any concerns or questions regarding your Catherine pre-order please email our customer service department for assistance.


  1. Is it Region Free on 360?

  2. great! can't wait to get it, always nice to order from VGP!

  3. We don't beleive it's going to be region free on 360 but will post results as soon as we test it.