Thursday, January 27, 2011

Official Sony PSP2 Pics & Specs (Codenamed NGP)

Well, Sony has finally unveiled the much anticipated PSP2 (currently codenamed NGP - Next Generation Portable) and while it doesn't seem pocket size it sure does seem like it's going to be a monster of power! Sony officially confirmed that it has two touch-screens on the front and back of the device, two thumbsticks and a five inch OLED screen. Most important to us it isn't a digital download only machine!! Sony has scraped the UMD drive and instead looks like they will use a flash memory based-card format. As of yet, no price has officially been announced by Sony.

Here are A few pics and the specs!!


ARM CortexTM-A9 core (4 core)



External Dimensions

Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)


5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED

(Touch screen)

Multi-touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear touch pad

Multi-touch pad (capacitive type)


Front camera, Rear camera


Built-in stereo speakers

Built-in microphone


Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass


Built-in GPS

Wi-Fi location service support

Keys / Switches

PS button

Power button

Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)

Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)

Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)

Right stick, Left stick

START button, SELECT button

Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless communications

Mobile network connectivity (3G)

IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)

Bluetooth 2.1+EDR ?A2DP/AVRCP/HSP?


  1. Wow, I'm impressed more than I thought it would be and literally all the features I was hoping for. My only concern is with all the power under the hood of this portable beast what the starting price point will be. As of now though, SIGN ME UP :)

  2. Looks amazing!! Several gameplay videos on Youtube already. Uncharted looks sick. Anyone have any news on if it's going to be region free or not?

  3. No news yet on being Region free but its likely that it would be given the fact that both the PSP and the PS3 are region free, so why change that?

    In fact why have region locking at all these days? given the fact that most of the games that people want to play are litterally within the a day or a week or 2 from each other, its the same with any big budget movie

  4. I hope you're right I'm just concerned after Nintendo announced the 3DS would be region locked or partial anyway. I think the Manufacturers should concentrate on stopping the piracy not blocking people from playing games from other regions. I just would like a confirmation just to put my mind at ease.

  5. it looks too thick and too large IMO