Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The good folks at NIS America are giving a more competitive $19.99 MSRP (down from $29.99) for the 3/8/11 launch of Phantom Brave: Heroes Of The Hermuda Triangle - PSP (Preorder) . All existing preorders in our system will automatically be adjusted to the new price point!

Already one of the highest reviewed strategy RPGs of all‐time, this PSP release is certain to win over a whole new host of fans!

Enhanced, Expanded, and Portable! Phantom Brave for the PSP will feature new story chapters, characters, items, better graphics, and a revamped UI. The game is now more user‐friendly and packs more content for over 100 hours of game play

Unique Strategy RPG gameplay The innovative “CONFINE” unit summoning system allows for nearly limitless gameplay combination. Players can summon ghosts and monsters as battle units by confining souls into objects on the battlefield like rocks, plants, and items. Depending on the object, the end result may differ dramatically

Randomly‐generated Dungeons Explore a different dungeon every time you enter. The layout of the battle map and the types of enemies, objects, and items you’ll come across can all change by chance. This gives incredible replay value for those who want to “master” the game.

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