Tuesday, March 09, 2010


We just wanted to update the status for everyone who pre-ordered either God of War III(3) - PS3 (Preorder) , God of War III(3) [FRENCH VERSION] - PS3 (Preorder) or God of War Collection [FRENCH VERSION] - PS3 (Preorder) from us. All pre-orders should be filled 100%!! Also, due to the huge amount of pre-orders on these titles we will begin processing and charging orders on Thursday Mar 11, 2010. If you wish to cancel your pre-order we will accept cancellations up to Thursday Mar 11, 2010 at 9am Eastern time. We can't accept any further cancellations after this time as orders will be too far along in the processing stage. Another reason we will be charging orders ahead of the official street date of March 16, 2010 is in case we receive our shipments early, so that we can ship product out so customers have a chance to receive it on or as close to street date as possible. However, this has not been confirmed as of yet. Thanks to all who pre-ordered one of these titles with us.

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