Friday, November 20, 2009

Darksiders PS3/360 & Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii Preorder Price Drops

We have dropped the prices of Darksiders - 360 (Preorder) and Darksiders - PS3 (Preorder) $10 from $69.99 down to new lower prices of $59.99 each. We have also lowered the price of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers - Wii (Preorder) $10 from $59.99 to a new lower price of $49.99. The games hasn't even been released yet and we have already dropped the prices! All customers who have already preordered anyone of these titles will only be charged the new lower price. If you have prepaid in full for your preorder the difference will be refunded to your payment method before your order ships. At these new prices it makes preordering one of these titles even easier with us. Look for more price drops soon as we continue to lower our prices.

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