Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Confirmed new releases shipping out from our facility today are FIFA Soccer 09 - PS2 , FIFA Soccer 09 - 360 , FIFA Soccer 09 - DS , FIFA Soccer 09 - PS3 , FIFA Soccer 09 - PSP , Dead Space - 360 and Dead Space - PS3 . All preorders for these games are now being processed and have begun shipping so we can't accept any further cancellations. If we receive any further updates on any other new releases shipping out from our facility today we will update here. UPDATE 1 : We mentioned Japanese coach DS was shipping yesterday but it was an error and we are still waiting for the product to come in. we apologize for the error. UPDATE 2: All current DEAD SPACE PS3 preorders in our system will be filled 100%. We should have the game back up for sale later today or tomorrow for everyone else still looking to purchase this title from us.

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