Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We have just opened PREORDERS for 2 NEW ATLUS TITLES.

Summon Night: Twin Age - DS (Preorder)
Get ready to experience a fully-stylus driven action RPG with precise controls (no excessive line drawing to attack or squiggles in the corner of the screen to roll, folks)!

Summon Night: Twin Age is headed to a Nintendo DS near you (hopefully yours) on May 20th! Two playable characters get to experience the story from different perspectives, which means seeing new things the second time through. Trade items with a friend via local wireless. Oh, and the game looks gorgeous, too. How dare you doubt me!

What do you get when you combine World War II Germany, Nazis, vampires, zombies, and werewolves?
Well, you either get one heck of a Halloween party, or you get the awesome strategy RPG for Xbox 360®, Operation Darkness.
Take on Hitler and his occult legions as you battle to save the world from the jaws of oppression and tyranny!

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