Thursday, January 31, 2008

Preorder Price Drops

We have lowered the preorder prices of the following games Condemned 2: Bloodshot - 360 (Preorder) , Condemned 2: Bloodshot - PS3 (Preorder) , Army of Two - 360 (Preorder) , Army of Two - PS3 (Preorder) , Dark Sector - 360 (Preorder) , Dark Sector - PS3 (Preorder) , Battlefield: Bad Company - 360 (Preorder) and Battlefield: Bad Company - PS3 (Preorder) from $69.99/$64.99 down to $59.99. Anyone who has prepaid for any of these titles will be refunded the difference before item ships. Anyone who has already preordered one of these titles will only be charged the lower price upon release. Look for more price drops soon on in stock and upcoming games as we continue to lower our prices.

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