Friday, October 05, 2007


We are implementing a temporary discount on game DHL shipments to the UK!! This is too help our customers that may be affected in receiving their parcels due to the pending/current postal strike in the UK!! Any United Kingdom customer wishing to take advantage of our temporarily cheaper DHL rates just has to request DHL shipping upgrade in the comments box of their order. Here's how the discount works. Our usual DHL rate is $29.99 which covers shipping for 1 to 4 games. However we are temporarily lowering the price to $22.50 a savings of $7.49. So basically if you are ordering one game for an extra $14.99 you can upgrade to DHL!! If you are ordering 2 games for a mere $7.49 you can upgrade to DHL shipping and 3 games now can be shipped DHL at no extra cost!! (DHL shipments are insured , trackable and usually take 2-3 days to arrive to our UK customers) Customers wishing to take advantage of this offer but are paying paypal should contact us at customer service for details. This is a limited time offer expiring Saturday Oct 13/08 !! At this time we will re-evaluate the postal situation in the UK and will make a decision to extend promotion. These rates apply to standard software not oversized items such as accessories, consoles or bundles as these items usually ship DHL regardless. If for any reason you need better clarification don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for more info!! Once again thank you to all our customers world wide for your continued patronage. Your business is very much appreciated!!

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