Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Stranglehold Region Free?? We ask Midway for YOU

We have been receiving alot of emails asking if we know whether Stranglehold - 360 (Preorder) ,
Stranglehold Collector's Edition - 360 (Preorder) , Stranglehold - PS3 (Preorder) and Stranglehold Collector's Edition - PS3 (Preorder) are region free or not. So, what better people to ask than Midway themselves the maker of the game. Here is a copy of the email conversation regarding this issue we hope this clarifies things for our customers.

Question from our customer support :Hello,
We are an online retailer and many customers have been asking if the NTSC versions of Stranglehold for PS3 and Xbox 360 are region free titles or not. Could you please confirm which versions are or not so I can properly inform customers interested in preordering.
The Versions I need confirmation on are :Stranglehold - PS3Stranglehold - PS3 CollectorsStranglehold - 360Stranglehold - 360 Collectors
Thanks, Customer Support
Response from Midway customer support:Thank you for contacting Midway Tech/Customer Support. Please see below for details about your inquiry to Midway.
Both PS3 versions will be region free. The 360 version has not been decided upon as yet, however the 360 collectors edition will include the movie Hard Boiled on DVD. This DVD may be region locked.
Regards,Midway Tech/Customer Support

We hope this will help resolve this inquiry.

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