Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wii Shipping Notice Update December 9th

This update is to inform everyone that the next shipment will be coming in early next week but it will be very short. There is suppose to be another shipment later in the week so hopefully that one will be bigger. We will be updating all pre-orders that have been confirmed to be shipping over the next few days to "Wii Processing No Cancellation" Status. If you receive such an email it means your order is being processed and will ship over the next few days. As usual we will attempt to fill all orders as best as we can and any items that do not ship will ship once they come back in stock. We will also be emailing all customers that have not received notification of their Wii pre-order shipping over the next few days their new updated position in que.

This weeks shipment was very short probably due to the JAPAN/EUROPE/AUSTRALIA Launches in the past 2 weeks with systems being allocated in those regions in priority. Hopefully things get better from here on out.

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