Saturday, August 05, 2006

New titles this week! Hot Preorders for Next Week!

This week saw only a few releases grace our presence.

For those of you crazy about monkey's pick up your controller and start playing Super Monkey Ball Adventure - GC or Super Monkey Ball Adventure - PS2.

Like to Drive fast and Dangerous? FlatOut 2 - XBOX and FlatOut 2 - PS2 is for you!

Are you a Party Animal at Heart? Barnyard - GBA, Barnyard - GC, and Barnyard - PS2 is a must!

There are some great Preorders coming out next week so if you have yet to get your preorder in do so this weekend.

* Dead Rising - 360 (Preorder)

* Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation - GBA (Preorder)

Also Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - DS is due in next week as well so if you havce yet to own this must have DS title get your backorder in today!

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