Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Games Instock Today

Ton's of New games are in today. RPG Fans are in for a treat with Shadow Hearts: From the New World - PS2, and Tales of Phantasia - GBA finally seeing the light of day.

Handheld Fanatics have plenty instore with Pursuit Force - PSP, DragonBall Z: Shin Budokai - PSP, and Pokemon Trozei! - DS.

The Next Onimusha title has also come in with a frenzy Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams - PS2 has already got rave reviews all over the net.

Burnout Revenge - 360 is finally out adding another great title to the growing xbox 360 lineup.

If your a big Naruto Fan Naruto: Clash of Ninja - GC, and Naruto: Ninja Council - GBA are finally out in North America and in English. Let the Fighting Begin.

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